1961: A Sparks Odyssey Sound Designer Pre-production Journal


During the preproduction stage, everyone helped Ethan with the writing of the screenplay and the shot list for our film, as well as helping Jaspar with the storyboard for the film. I also went with Jaspar to get test recording while he got test shots of the locations we will film at.

Elements that will be prominent in the film include

  • Element  35: Realistic Sound
  • Element 37: Expressive Sound
  • Element 39: Lyrics as Narrator
  • Element 40: Symbolic use of Music

Test Recordings

Equipment Checklist

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Garageband (at home and school)

Recording Workflow




Location Maps

KIMG0036 KIMG0037KIMG0038

Foley Sounds

  • Sound effect: Back Cracking-Time in film: Scene 2, Shot 28-30
  • Sound effect: Bell Ringing- Time in film: Scene 3, Shot 34
  • Sound effect: Funeral Music-Time in film: Scene 3, Shot 60
  • Sound effect: Paper Crumpling- Time in film: Scene 1, Shot 15-16
  • Sound effect: Air Raid Siren- Time in film: Scene 1, Shot 2-4

Discussions with Director

Our group does not have a director, so this does not apply to us.

Influences from Films

I believe the work done by Mark Isham in Miracle is great, because if you watch the film (especially the game scenes) with the sound off, you are extremely unattached to the characters and team, but he really sucks you in to the action and fight the team shows.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I had very few problems, with everyone doing their work and getting their jobs done, preventing confusion or frustration among team members. I did learn new ways to edit in Garageband from Ethan though, and sound elements stated in the summary.

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